Hey, I'm Donatello. I'm an inventor, chemist, mechanical engineer and ninjitsu expert. I also just happen to also be a mutant turtle.

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Donnie, I know that you and your brothers hatched on the same day, but I have a weird head cannon about it; Are Leo and Raph fraternal twins? Ferret Girl ^^(A)^^

We are all fraternal twins. We would be quadruplets since we were all conceived at the same time.

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could a blind person dream with colors?

Humans dream about what they know. You cannot dream something you’ve never seen or hear a voice you’ve never heard before in your dreams. Therefore people who were born blind or went blind soon after birth will likely not dream in color. However, if they went blind later in life, then they more likely will!

same with those who are deaf. If you were born deaf you will not hear anything in your dreams, but if you went deaf later in life, you are more likely to hear things in your dreams.

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Happy Earth Day Donnie! I wish I was born in October, but eh. I like being born on Earth day.

Happy Earth Day! Everyone should do something nice to the Earth today. I would suggest picking up some litter today. 

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Most homes there is a family picture hung up on the wall, Do you have a family picture hung up in the lair?

You know who takes the most pictures that are on the wall? April does. Then maybe me. We never had a lot of pictures before but there’s been a lot more lately.

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has april been inside of the shellraiser yet?

April helped me make the playlist.

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Do you think that Xever and Bradford would ever turn on shredder

I think that Xever is only truly loyal to himself. Bradford, though, may never turn on Shredder.

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*pecks you on the corner of you're mouth* whoops sorry I was aiming for your cheek, so sorry! P.s. Girls don't like girls kissing on the boys they like so expect another kiss from April soon..your welcome :)

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Hey Donnie.... What does the mutagen smells like? :/

It doesn’t actually have a distinct smell. 

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Why do you hate Karai? She was only acting like that because she didn't know you guys were her brothers, Shredder brainwashed her into thinking Master Splinter killed her mom and that Shredder was her real dad.

Well,there was that whole letting Justin loose and not helping us out thing she did.

There was also the whole kidnapping Leo so that the foot soldiers could learn and train from him thing.

Oh, and let’s not forgot how she beat up April and tried to trick her into eating turtle soup.

Those are all things that she never “had” to do. She just does them because she’s kind of a witch.

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Hi Donnie! I'm Itzel. I am in...a rather odd predicament and I was wondering if you could help. You see, I have a little crush on this guy, but he doesn't really know me well. I know him though, well enough to see that he has a crush on someone else. The problem is, that someone else happens to go to my school (he doesn't) and I know that she really likes this OTHER guy, so it's real complex. I don't want to see him hurt, because he has a REALLY big crush on this girl, but I like him...

Wow, I am so not the turtle to talk to about these kinds of things. 

That would be a nightmare. I would really say to not do anything. It doesn’t matter who you tell what, you could ruin everything. 

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Is it true leo has asthma? (please answer today)

No, Leo doesn’t have asthma at all. He’s perfectly fine.

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What lies beyond the end of the journey?

The beginning of a new journey.

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When is another chat going to happen?

Just whenever we feel like it. We have had..I think three now? Something like that. 

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do you actually like purple, or is it just your bandanas coulor and nothing more? - clara

No, I really do like purple. It is my favorite color. I feel like I can really identify with that color. Any other color and it just wouldn’t be me.

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