Hey, I'm Donatello, the brains of this whole team. This is my awesome blog. Taking questions now.

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Hey Donnie, if you could control a natural element (earth, wind, water, fire) which would you pick? (I asked raph the same question)

Wind, Earth maybe. Yeah, either of those sound good.

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Don't you know the bird is the word?

Everybody knows that the bird is the word.

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What would you do of your lair was infested by cats?


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What do you think about Sean Astin?

That dude was great in Rudy.

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What would you do if a zombie apocalypse broke out?

I, of course, have a zombie plan.

Because, who doesn’t?

The key to zombie plans is never to get yourself completely locked in. You have to be able to move. You have to be able to get somewhere without gasoline and without problems. 

You also have to have plenty of weapons.

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Are you much of a cuddlier?

I would be, if I had someone to cuddle.

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Hey, Don! I know this may be a touchy subject, but how did you feel when you told Mikey he'd have to knock you out? It's okay if you don't want to answer publicly, I won't judge you if you want to answer privately. Honest, I'm a friend and a girl of my word.

Desperation, worry. I didn’t want to hurt anyone else. Mikey would have to do what he had to do. 

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Well there are smut Apriltello fics that are so beautifully written that you can't tell anything sexual was done *coughs*

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Do not answer this ask

Fine, I won’t.

Oh wait…..

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If you could be a different mutant of your choice, what mutant would you be and why?


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You're not gonna believe this, Donnie. I found a video online called "Man at Arms: Reforged" and it's these blacksmiths who combine weapons to make a new, original weapon. Well, they combined a sai sword, a katana blade, a nunchuck chain, AND a long bo staff and made this weird hybrid weapon. It looks impressive, but could this thing really be a functional weapon? Like could you or your brothers use it in battle? (Raph has the link on his blog).

Yep, I’ve seen it.

Showed Raph the link that is on his blog.

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So I'm the girl who told you about the time you kissed me in the past. I'll explain: it was many months before and I was talking to you in a "past incarnation". I was upset because I was feeling bad about leaving a friend of mine, and when I went to talk to you about it, you kissed me on the head and told me not to worry.

Well….good for other dimensional me, I guess.

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How does it feel being the Brains of the team? are you classified as the ''nerd''?? or made fun of at all??

Considering how much my brothers play games, read comic books, watch sci fi and roleplay, they can hardly call me a ‘nerd’, right?

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Hi, I know there is a few asks that I send you and your brother. And the majority of them you don't answer. Please note I'm not complaining. I don't remember half of the things I send you guys so when and if you respond to it I go, "Oh, I forgot I sent that." Right next to," crap that is not spelled right." So when I saw the person going all freak out that you were not responding I was dumbfounded. I mean, why? Everyone knows that once you sent something it is out of their hands. (shaking head)

No, they do not.

And I have mentioned on at least three separate posts why I don’t answer the questions that I do not.

So who knows?

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I was addicted to soap, but I'm clean now :3

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