Hey, I'm Donatello, the brains of this whole team. This is my awesome blog. Taking questions now.

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Can I have your April for the rest of my life? Say yes say yes cause I need to know. Why you gotta be so rude don't you know I'm mutant too?

Are you proposing to April????

Hi Donnie. I just got a new dog yesterday. She's six months old, and she likes to bite and jump on people. I understand she's just a puppy, and that's natural, but she just attacked my little cousin and hurt her bad. I've been using a spray bottle and spraying her whenever she bites or nips, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Any suggestions?

In order to train a dog, you have to know how to train her. Find a training book and read it so that you know how you can train your puppy. The dog is only going to learn as effectively as you can teach it. Or enroll in obedience school.

And watch that Dog Whisperer guy. That dude is awesome.

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Donnie, don’t mess with that!


Donnie, don’t mess with that!

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Even angry Donnie is overflowing with hotness!


Love Donnie’s face in this shot, man even when nervous he still looks so cute


Love Donnie’s face in this shot, man even when nervous he still looks so cute

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You gotta admit, Donnie. You must feel pretty proud of Mikey for how he handled himself in Dimension X. It's probably fortuitous that he went there first. When this invasion happens, he could become a valuable asset to fighting the Kraang since he'll know some new tricks to use on them.

I got to admit, Mikey did a really good job. He was able to catch on quickly to Dimension X and he really saved our shells. Mikey is always an asset to the team, even if he doesn’t think so. 

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Do you think if tampered with enough, the mutagen could be used for medicinal purposes?

Oh sure. Imagine that you can just use mutagen to regrow legs, fix scar tissue, mutate bad organs. That would be great.

But that would take a lot of tampering.

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How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?

The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.

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would you rather be stranded on an island alone or with somebody you hate (not like mortal enemy hate, just like 'god you're so annoying hate)

I’d actually rather be with someone I hate because at least I wouldn’t go crazy from loneliness. Even if someone annoyed me, I could put up with that over being stranded completely alone. At least we’d be going through the same things together.

He messes up the food or endangers us though and all bets are off.

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do you consider yourself a superhero? or just a helpful ninja?

I consider myself a mutant turtle. 

A superhero though? Really? Well, we are kind of super. We do save the world and stuff. I am waiting for Charles Xavier or Nick Fury to come to the lair.

The lair could use a helicarrier.

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Hey they named a company after you! "GAP"