Hey, I'm Donatello. I'm an inventor, chemist, mechanical engineer and ninjitsu expert. I also just happen to also be a mutant turtle.

Want to Skype? Send me an ask!
Hey Donnie, i was wondering how i could get Raph to hangout? Also hows it going with April? I think you two are to cute. ^.^

Well, you could fight some kraang, purple dragons, and show absolutely no interest in him whatsoever. That usually helps out.

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Happy Easter, Donnie! Hey do you guys do any fun stuff for Easter?

We really don’t. Artillery. Easter isn’t celebrated in Japan and so we never really celebrated until last year.

We probably won’t do much besides that I may or may not have hidden eggs in the lair in various places. Some of them are smoke bombs. Some of them are plastic and have candy inside. Some of them will explode white powder in your face.

Heh heh heh.

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Do you watch anime or read manga? There are some really good series's out there. Like Black Butler, DeathNote, and XXXHolic. And if you do watch anime or read manga which is your favorite? *sorry for bothering so much Donnie* ^^u

I do watch and read anime and manga. I haven’t seen a whole lot yet, but I’ll get there. Black Butler is good.

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What parts is used in the mutagen tracker

And egg beater, a portable game console, a few other things. 

Basically, to make a mutagen tracker, you need to program the tracker to detect the components of mutagen in high amounts that are not found in other substances. Because mutagen has a higher level of nitrogen and hydrogen, and lower levels of oxygen, you tune it to look for that, as well we sulfur and carbonates. You’ll notice that mutagen is very acidic and it glows as well. The glow is due to the high amount of phosphorus in it.

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Okay so I used to be best friends with a girl named Rachel, but ever since we met another girl named Samantha, she's been hanging out more and more with her and it's making me feel left out. They became so close they even said something that brought back my worst nightmare. What do I do?

You should talk to her about that. Maybe she doesn’t realize she is doing it and can make time to hang out with just you. If you do that and it doesn’t work, you should definitely make the effort to hang out with others.

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I don't how to deal with this: my 5 years old cousin believe you're a girl due to your high pitched voice and I can't tell him otherwise even when I point out you're in love with April - A GIRL. He's ok with girl in love with girl but don't believe you're a boy!!! He doesn't speak English makes it even more difficult for me to convince him. What should I do???

Me? I sound like a girl? Me? 

I am the one with a high pitched voice?

Hahahhahahha. That’s awesome.

Don’t do anything. He’s five. He’ll learn on his own. That’s funny though. All this time it’s never been my voice that has ever come into question.

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happy easter :)

Happy Easter, Moonwolf!

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Happy easter donnie

Thank you, Raph-Chick. Happy Easter to you!

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Be precise and honest: Is "No" the next word you're about to say?


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Hey Donnie, I need some help ! I have a huge test coming up and I just can't learn the stuff ! Do you have any study tips ??

It helps me to write things down and make charts. The very act of writing it down helps me to remember it since I have to learn and know what it is that I am writing.

And I doodle while I’m doing it too.

See, those charts do have a purpose.

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Happy Easter, Donnie! *Gives you chocolate + 4 boxes of pizza. 1 is chocolate pepperoni, 1 is pepperoni, 1 is just regular cheese & last 1 is with maple syrup.* Enjoy your day & treats! - Carla

Thanks, Carla!

I will enjoy them. Better than an Easter basket.

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"Still your mind. Move on instinct." Is that how you guys fight?

That’s not how I fight.

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Can you do a double backflip from a roof while baking a cake?

I really can’t bake a cake at all, so no. 

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What is the scariest moment you had with Mikey?

Having our brothers chase us down and try to bite us so that we could be infected with a parasitic virus so that a wasp larva will eat us ranks right up there. 

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