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Once you finish making it, shouldn't you store the retromutagen in more but smaller capsules? I mean, it only took a single drop to cure Mr. O' Neil. ~Dani


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Do you ship leorai

I ship my brother’s happiness.

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Donnie, my sister is autistic and she has the dwarfism gene. Yesterday I punch a bully of hers because he just couldnt get it when to stop she is NOT a midget! If you can help explain what dwarfism is to other people, hopefully they would get it.

Dwarfism is when you grow only to a maximum of 4’10” as an adult. It is a medical condition and it is genetic. There’s actually over 200 different medical conditions that cause dwarfism.

Now there’s two different kinds of dwarfs-disproportionate and proportionate. Disproportionate dwarves have limbs that are disproportionate in size to other parts of the body. Like they may have very short legs, but they’ll have average sized torso and arms. Or, they may have large heads for their bodies or shorter arms than normal.

Proportionate dwarves have limbs that are proportionate to their height. They are just very short people.

Being a dwarf isn’t just about being short. Dwarves can have a bowing of the legs, arthritis, excess fluid on the brain, poorly developed organs, Turner syndrome, ear infections, pressure on the spinal cord, respiratory problems, and bone disorders.

The word midget means simply a very short person. It used to be used to describe proportionate dwarves, but now is considered derogatory. 

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Hi, I'm your fifteen-year-old daughter. I traveled back through time with an invention that you and I made. (I didn't know you had a blog when you were a teenager, I also didn't know that there are fangirls that are dying to marry you. Besides Mom, I mean.) You are really cool, Dad. Enjoy being free now, because I have five older brothers:)BTW, my mom IS the one and only April O'Neil.

An anon pretending to be my daughter. I’ve never gotten that before.

I have.

Enjoy being free? What? That makes it sound like I am miserable being with someone. I can’t be too miserable, you have five older brothers.

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Donnie! It's my finally my birthday! WOO!

Happy Birthday, Changeling!

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Hey Donnie I think your S-S-S-S-S-s-smoking! What do you think?

Somebody stop me!

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Hey, Donnie, I just had an idea. What if you put your T-Phone in your mask when you talk on the phone? It would be much easier. And if it slips, you can make a some small item that kind of makes a hook so you can hook it to the top of your mask. It makes it easier to talk on the phone when you need to use both your hands... Or try to avoid getting blasted in the head. What do you think? ~Nerd Girl

Like a Tphone Bluetooth?

Would that be…Greenbeak? 

Mikey needs to think of a name for me.

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If you ever able to find another power cell, would you use to make new modifications on the Shellraiser or use for some other improvements on your inventions?

Oh man, could I have fun with another powercell!

In fact, if I could reverse engineer it, we could use that power for anything!

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This is a serious question after I've showered or bathed used shower gels and soaps. Sprayed with body spray my body smells like I haven't washed and it gets worse when I notice it and when I'm nervous around people. Why is this happening?

Now, what many people don’t realize is that it isn’t your sweat that smells-it’s the bacteria that attaches itself to it. You may produce sweat that really attracts and helps the production of this bacteria, which….really stinks.

What you can do for that is make sure you use antibacterial soaps. Use antifungals too. Don’t use just a deoderant because that just covers up the smell. Use an antiperspirant. Use Gold bond. You want to stay away from soaps that just mask the odor. You want to get rid of it.

There’s also the possibility that you have apocrine bromhidrosis. Look into that. 

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If you want I can kidnap Casey so he doesn't get in the way of you getting some sweet kisses from a special little lady. ;) What do you say? I'm sure he wouldn't mind for what I have in store for him muh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

You do realize, of course, that it isn’t Casey who is in charge of whether or not anyone gets kisses from a special lady.

It’s the special lady who is in charge of that.

Kidnapping Casey will, in fact, mean nothing. He’s not in charge of April. 

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Together, there is nothing your four minds cannot accomplish.

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My favorite Donnie?

Nickelodeon Donnie. Let me explain. I like the 2003 version don but the 2012 Donnie is more.relatable to me.
He can be sweet adorable the 2003 donnie but he can also hold his own during a fight. Hell he took down karai and foot ninjas all on his own. He fought dog poubd and fishface. He also doesn’t take crap from his brothers. Once you give him sass he will give it right back. He also has a short temper….but he can control his more then Raph.
I say I like him more cause he can have an attitude and compassion.
Oh and that gap…..and his badass nerd qualitys. Seriouslh he takes nerd to a whole new level :)

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Are u done with the retro mutagen for Karai??

No, I’m not done. Still working on it. 

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